Privacy policy

Divine Max knows that you care regarding the sharing of your information and we appreciate that you trust us to do so. Below mentioned is the privacy policy of Divine Max to make you familiarise with-

Information We Gather From Our Customers-

The information we gather when you set up a free account on our site helps us to improve your shopping experience. We use that personal information to uniquely identify or contact you. Further that information is used to assist sellers in handling orders, products and services delivery,payment process,establish communication with you regarding orders,promotional offers,products and services.

It is also used to detect fraud issues and enables third parties to carry out other functions on our behalf.

What does this Information Includes?

Personal Information for purpose of privacy policy includes the below mentioned things-

      User name and Password


  • Your real name
  • Shipping Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Date Of Birth
  • Website Transactions(Sales or Purchase History)
  • Financial Information (Debit/Credit Card Information)
  • Other sensitive data enacted under IT Act,2000
  • Registering as a User or Seller

We also collect Non Personal Information when you visit or use our website. That information is stored in our server. This Non-Personal Information would not assist us to identify you personally. It includes many things like-

  • Telecom Or Internet Service Provider
  • Web Browser you use
  • OS of your system
  • Last website you visited before visiting our website

Prohibited Items

Divine Max has mentioned the list of items that are not allowed to be Sold or Displayed online. If any legal issues or liabilities arises due to the selling of these items than merchants/sellers are responsible for that. Any listing of such prohibited or restricted items will be cancelled by us within 24 hours.

  • Any adult material that includes sexually suggestive material(literature,media or any image), Prostitution Service
  • Alcoholic Beverages like- beer,liquor,wine or champagne
  • Prohibited Artifacts
  • Wildlife Products such as-Mounted Specimens,Ivory,Live Animals
  • Child Pornography Material
  • Beta Software
  • Misuse of Brand Name
  • Unauthorized copyrighted Materials whether in electronic or physical form
  • Illegal Drugs or drug accessories
  • Event Tickets
  • Firearms, Knives or any Explosive Material
  • Gambling Items which like-Lottery Tickets, Enrolment in Online Gambling Sites
  • Professional license Or any kind of Government ID’s
  • Hazardous Items
  • Parts and Remains of Humans
  • Any Resources encouraging Illegal Activity
  • Ethnical or Racial Offensive material
  • Items Related to Armed Forces
  • Real Estate
  • Promotional Items
  • Stolen Property
  • Wholesale Currency
  • Movie Prints


They are Data files transferred to your computer’s hard drive through the web browser you use. It enables our system to recognise your browser and helps to provide you with various features like- Item storage in your shopping cart.

Cookies store a lot of information like- the number of times you access a particular website or view a particular page, form registration information etc.

Price Policy

Trust is very important in a business between buyers and sellers and that trust builds when we indulge in fair pricing. We monitor the prices constantly for each merchant and do not allow it to list on the website at a higher price. We list items those are sold to us at a genuine price.
Increasing the MRP artificially is strictly prohibited at Divine Max and any violation of the rules will lead to account suspension.
Are we Indulged in Information Sharing?
Divine Max knows that customers information is an important part of business and we share information only with the people mentioned below-

  • Third Party Services-Many other companies do business with us and work on our behalf. For Example- Delivery Service, Sending Postal Mail, Credit/Debit Payment Services etc. They require customer information to perform their function. We also take care of that the information we share with them does not get misused.
  • Promotional Offers-Divine Max sometimes sends promotional offers to its selected customers. If you do not want such kind of offers from us you can change your Customer Communication Preference.

Other than that, users receive notification whenever their information is shared with third parties and you can also choose not to share that information.
User Discretion and Opt Out
We provide an option of Opt Out of receiving any type of promotional and marketing communication. If you do not want to have communications with us, you can mail us at the email address provided below.